Creative Ministry Group: 1... 2... 3... Handbook Bundle Download
Creative Ministry Group: 1... 2... 3... Handbook Bundle Download

1...2...3... Snack Time
Say goodbye to pre-packaged snacks and hello to classroom cooking! Transform food into snacks right in front of your kids’ eyes! Cooking transforms food. Once food is transformed it doesn't return to its original state! God wants all our lives to be transformed in the same manner. This book will help you become a chef and feed your kids scrumptious food for their souls and stomachs! Food is something kids love... something they can smell, touch, feel and see... something they can make a mess with, play with and EAT! Full of recipes, bible stories and applications, tips, jokes and trivia.

1... 2... 3... Family Time!
Churches can provide opportunities to strengthen and encourage families within their churches and community. When family members spend time together it creates a sense of security and good feeling about each other. Sounds easy, and yet the family of today is overcommitted and has very little resources left for each other. Family time is planned by TV Guide, and parents are more aware of what is happening on prime time than in their kid's life! This book can help churches to help families reclaim "family time" with these 7 fun and exciting events:

  1. Energy Burning Game Night
  2. Board Game Night
  3. Craft Night
  4. Movie Night
  5. PJ's with Mammas
  6. Father-Daughter Cake Decorating Contest
  7. Snow Blast
1... 2... 3... More Family Time!
This book can help churches to help families reclaim "family time" with 5 more fun and exciting events:
  1. Scavenger Hunt
  2. Bingo Night
  3. Nerf War
  4. Father-Daughter Dance
  5. Prayer Walk
1...2...3... Game Time!
This 36-page guidebook is designed to introduce 50 outrageously wild, fun, and crazy relay games revolving around three camp themes. These games can be used to plan camps, VBS, day camps, picnics, and family ministry. They are all field-tested and designed to involve kids as well as adults. When kids see adults participating, getting wet, messy & crazy, a bridge is built between the kids and adults. Relay games also help build team spirit as they learn to work together and develop trust.

1...2...3... Slime Time!
This 20-page guidebook outlines the "Slime Time Kidz Zone," an evangelistic tool for reaching the kids of our communities. Utilizing events that are outrageous and off the wall, it provides a "how-to" on creating an evening full of upbeat music, props, sounds, lights, characters, drama, puppets, games, flying pies and slime. In other words, it is messy! This innovative approach is radically fun, but packed with food for the soul woven into the program. This book is geared to help you get your creative juices flowing. It contains many of messy and crazy games that have been tested and proven with kids. Furthermore, you will find directions to help you build your own slime booth, along with many gooey slime recipes.

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