Ministry Management Video #01 - Personal Management
Ministry Management Video #01 - Personal Management

Personal Management

Leadership is the process of identifying goals and determining resources. But management is what gets it done.

Management is the process of accomplishing an organizations goals while dealing with resource restraints.

If that doesn't sound like children's ministry, I don't know what would!

There is much said about leadership - and leadership is key - but management is where the work lies. Leadership is lofty, while management gets dirty. Leadership is white collar. Management is blue collar. But we all know blue collar is where the real work happens. In children's ministry, you have to be both a leader and a manager. If you are only a manager, your ministry will not advance or grow. But if you are only a leader, you'll never get anything done and great vision and lofty goals will never become reality. Successful children's ministry directors know how to shift between leading and managing their ministry.

In this video, Pastor Karl shares four areas that need addressing in order to maintain personal organization and practical tips to manage your schedule, your space, your stuff, and your soul.

You will also receive as a BONUS the Four Quadrants as explained in the video.

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