Spring Animals Instructional eBook and Video
Spring Animals Instructional eBook and Video

This edition of Spring Animals, Your Friends for Life is a fully downloadable version. You will receive a link from Kidology which will allow you to download the eBook and Video directly to your computer.

Watch the video below to find out what Spring Animals are!

Larry Mahan, performing as Mr. SONshine, is celebrating 50 years in entertainment. He started performing in Seattle, WA and has performed in Alaska, the Caribbean, many states in between as well as Canada and Mexico. He has lived in Colorado Springs, CO for over 45 years and now is mostly performing as Mr. SONshine, a character clown performing comedy magic and balloons for all ages. While Mr. SONshine is not a clown when it comes to make-up, his show is filled with humor and crazy antics. His strength in performing has always been his ability to deal with his audience and comedy and "Shtick" with his helpers. He believes that this rapport with the members of his audience is what makes him a great performer. Live animals, puppets, and stories of animals are all part of the Mr. SONshine experience. With a focus on Animals and God’s wonderful creation, he performs at churches, preschools, birthday parties, retirement and nursing homes, and many other venues. Larry performs a quarterly 90-minute evening show to families at his church, Rocky Mountain Calvary in Colorado Springs, CO. As every show is a different theme, he invents hundreds of tricks and routines to fill the need. While touring with Max Hapner, (A well-known illusion show performer) Max called him The King of Kidshow Komedy, a moniker that has stuck to this day.

Larry was a Children’s Pastor for almost 15 years at his church but stepped down to care for his wife. He still serves and performs at that church. He also speaks on creationism to many groups and has been the President or the Vice President of the Rocky Mountain Chapter, Fellowship of Christian Magicians on and off for about 20 years. He is an author of several books and publications on performing, magic, balloons, spring animals, and teaching creation to kids. Larry is a composer of children’s songs and not only performs as Mr. SONshine but as Santa as well. When performing as Santa He often talks about the real Santa (St. Nicholas) and who he really was.

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