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kidTOUGH is a 1st-6th grade LG/SG (large group/small group) curriculum, with enough material to conduct a 60-90 minute church service, including take-home/at-home tools. It's been in circulation in churches in the U.S. and in parts of Europe since 2006.

T.O.U.G.H. stands for Trust, Obey, Unite, Grow and Honor. Most units contain 4-weeks or one month of teaching that fits within one of these traits. The teaching itself will be about a Bible character or doctrinal theme for three weeks, and the fourth week is a reinforcement or "Summary Sunday" to revisit the primary teaching points so kids can remember them long-term.

kidTOUGH comprises three years of curriculum (six teaching series per trait or 30 total series to choose from), but with different small group material for 1st-3rd grade and 4th-6th grade. Used for two cycles, it provides a full 6-year rotational curriculum.

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