Kids Power Company Explore Kids' Church Curriculum Download

Kids Power Company Explore Kids' Church Curriculum Download

Explore for Kids is a 4-week series for Kids Church, VBS, Small Group or mid-week program. Targeted for children ages 7-12, it teaches children what it means to
wholeheartedly worship God. During Explore, kids will be challenged to boldly seek God, to go beyond their previous ideas about worship, and move deeper into his presence.

They will be challenged to explore the heart and mind of the Creator of the Universe and discover who He really is!

This series has a space exploration theme which will allow you to get really creative and make the series relevant and fun.

Theme verse for series: “There you will look for the Lord your God, and if you search for him with all your heart, you will find him.”Deuteronomy 4:29

What’s included: Series Bumper video, PowerPoint slides, Small group discussion guides, take home booklets, suggested related movie clips, character skits, object lessons, games, & more!

Week 1 - What is Worship?

Related Bible Story: The sinful woman with the Alabaster box.
Topic: Expressing our love to the Creator

Week 2 - Worship is Freedom!

Related Bible Story: The Children of Israel refuse to obey
Topic: Removing idols from our life brings freedom.

Week 3 - Worship - All About the Heart

Related Bible Story: David is chosen as the next King.
Topic: God cares more about what's inside

Week 4 - Why Worship?

Related Bible Story: Job, Abraham, David & the demoniac
Topic: Worship even when times are tough.

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