Kids Power Company Shipwrecked 4-Week Kids Church Curriculum Download

Lesson Titles and related Bible stories:

Night 1: Stay the Course
Lesson Topic: Warning - Danger Ahead!
Bible Story Reference: Samson awoke to suddenly realize his strength was gone - he got too close to sin.

Night 2 : Broken Dreams
Lesson Topic: Idolatry - Loving other Things More than God
Bible Story Reference: Solomon, whose dreams were realized, eventually had His Kingdom split apart upon His death because of his

Night 3 : I Did it My Way
Lesson Topic: Quitting on God/Deciding to Go Our Own Way
Bible Story Reference: Jonah, instead of obeying God, ran, and ended up in the whale's belly.

Night 4: Stick Together
Lesson Topic: Sticking it Out through Storms of Life - God's Plan Prevails
Bible Story Reference: Paul convinces the crew to stick together and they weather the storm and are shipwrecked on the island - where they are provided for.

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