Adopted! Single Lesson
Adopted! Single Lesson

Unit Purpose:
To encourage adopted children by showing them that there are heroes in the Bible who were also adopted. To explain the purpose of adoption is to offer protection, provide for the needs of a person - but also to elevate the identity of adopted kids so that they see that they have a divine purpose, and their adoption is a part of God’s Plan. But beyond children who are adopted into earthly families, adoption as a picture of salvation - for every believer has been spiritually adopted into the Family of God for the same reasons: For Protection, Provision and Purpose! This lesson will show that every Christian is ADOPTED!

Unit Overview:
The lesson reviews several Bible characters that were adopted, from Moses to Jesus. While we'll briefly note why these characters were adopted, the larger focus is on the amazing purpose they played in God’s Plan and how their adoption was a key part of that plan. Next, your students will see that all of us share a need for protection and provision that can only be found as a member of God’s Family. Our purpose can only be fulfilled once we are adopted by our Heavenly Father.

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Recommended Music:
You may use whatever worship songs you'd like with this lesson, but it is recommended to choose some songs that talk about God our Father, such as "Father, We Adore You." Consider downloading these two songs from Ken Blount - "One of a Kind" and "Use Me."

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