Alan Root's We're Not in Kansas Anymore CD Download

The first shot out of the box is called THERE'S A WORLD IN MY BRAIN, and is a tune originally written for Dodge trucks as a Walter Middy moment, dreaming of all the heroic exploits our imaginations cook up.
BRAVE DAVE tells of the love of God for a heart like King David’s.
SAY IT is a gentle encouragement to witness.
THE FAR OFF COUNTRY is inspired by the yearning deep within each of us for the place where God makes everything right.
ONE MORE STAR is a crowd pleaser and is one of Alan’s best known and best loved tunes.
BUGS is a Shel-Silverstein-like view into the way kids see God’s creation.
I LOVE MY DAD is Alan’s tribute to his own dad, though he doesn’t really remember him climbing trees.
The all time best way to remember the days of creation is offered by CREATION SONG: lightday, skyday, dryday, sunday, flapday, manday, and breakday.
PHARAOH makes it’s large presence known on this CD (as well as on Fortunate Recipient and Popcorn and PJs), and the
TEN COMMANDMENTS are sung as a simple mnemonic.

The entire project is romping, stomping, rock and roll fun.

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