Alan Root's Beyond the Farthest Star CD Download

Beginning with a rockin’ reminder to read your Bible, a tune called THE NEWS TONIGHT, Alan’s declaration that the Bible is better than any newspaper or news broadcast ever.
BEYOND THE FARTHEST STAR is the gospel in a song, and usually opens Alan’s concerts nationwide.
TRUTH HITS YOU ON THE HEAD is a pop-rock reminder that truth is true whether or not we believe it!
ENOCH WALKED is reminiscent of Dianna Ross and the Supremes’ “You can’t hurry love,” and is a testament to this wonderful man of God.
NOBODY MADE GOD is a whimsical bit of undeniable logic.
GOD ROCKS THE WORLD is a lullaby for kids of all ages.
TWAS A MONSTER is a J.R.R. Tolkein-like story of a sea monster that even scares Alan!
Alan’s favorite cut on the project is LITTLE THINGS, a charge from our Lord that “He who is faithful in little is faithful in much.”
The song BE THERE reminds us that Jesus is coming back.
And the CD ends with one of Alan’s most popular songs ever, THANKS TO YOUThanks to You, a hip-hop song of praise.

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