Alan Root's At the Rescue of Me CD Download

The opening song, GOD IS GREAT is the prayer Jerry Lee Lewis wished he could have prayed.
A personal testimony set to a hip hop beat is next in the tune titled AT THE RESCUE OF ME.
Next is BLESSED BE THE LORD, a fun and upbeat praise tune, along with the
THANK YOU SONG and an odd one called
TERMINAL CONNECTORS, singing of the joy of prayer.
A beloved hymn, LEANING ON THE EVERLASTING ARMS, is performed with a great back beat.
NERVOUS is a song that is a gentle reminder that this world is not forever.
Alan’s favorite on this project is BRIGHTEN THE CORNER, with the title taken from an old Methodist hymn... but that’s all.
A paraphrase of Paul’s wonderful testimony in Galatians 2:20 is followed by the final song, sounding as if the Beatles had produced it: YOU ARE MY SONG.

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