One Way Street <i>Righteous Pop Music CD Volume 2</i>
One Way Street Righteous Pop Music CD Volume 2

The following lists the titles from this CD along with the familiar tune:

  1. He'll be There for You
    Friends (I'll Be There For You)
  2. The Adam Family
    The Addams Family
  3. Noah's Theme
    Gilligan's Island
  4. Abram's Green Pastures
    Green Acres
  5. Jacob and Esau's Theme
    The Patty Duke Show
  6. Moses' Theme
    Laverne and Shirley
  7. Samson's Theme
    George of the Jungle's
  8. David's Theme
    Davy Crockett
  9. The Ballad of Job
    The Beverly Hillbillies
  10. Elijah's Movin' on Up
    The Jeffersons
  11. Jonah's Theme
  12. Mary and Joseph's Theme
    The Brady Bunch
  13. The Prodigal's Theme
    Welcome Back Kotter
  14. Peter's Theme
    The Greatest American Hero
  15. Pentecost Junction
    Petticoat Junction
  16. Paul: Sacred Agent Man
    Secret Agent Man
  17. Hey Hey We're the Christians
    The Monkees
  18. Heavenly Streets
    Sesame Stree
  19. Are You Ready for the Rapture?
    Monday Night Football
  20. Where Everybody Knows Your Name
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