DiscipleTown Kids Church Unit #22: How to Walk in the Spirit

About DiscipleTown
DiscipleTown uses a creative and adaptable town theme to teach practical "Disciple Skills." It is published by the creators of DiscipleLand, the most comprehensive children's Bible curriculum on the market. DiscipleTown teaches DiscipleSkills -— practical skills that every follower of Jesus Christ must develop in order to grow and live victoriously. The children's church format compliments DiscipleLand and/or your other ministries to kids. Learn more about DiscipleLand's Bible Curriculum at DiscipleLand.com.

Rather than providing a rigid plan to follow, you can quickly and easily modify DiscipleTown to fit your ministry needs. There is more than enough material for a full length service, but you can also choose only the elements you'd like to use. By design, DiscipleTown is packed with ideas so you'll never be left needing to supplement the lesson, but its flexibility allows you to add your own unique teaching elements.

Unit Summary
God gave children an amazing gift when He gave them the Holy Spirit. It has been said, "There is no Holy Spirit Junior." Children have the exact same access to the Holy Spirit's power as adults. However, learning to understand and to daily lean on the Holy Spirit is not often taught to kids. During this unit, your kids will discover what it means to be indwelled and filled with the Holy Spirit — how to walk in the Spirit! They will explore four roles of the Holy Spirit that are described in the Bible and come to know the Holy Spirit better. The four lesson titles in this unit reflect those roles: My Comforter, My Teacher, My Counselor, and My Helper. While the fruit of the Spirit is often taught to kids, many times it is taught as a list of traits kids should be working on in their own strength. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are traits that will naturally flow out of a Christian who is walking in the Spirit. This unit focuses on teaching kids what it means to walk in the Spirit and provides practical ways to do so.

Lesson Summaries
Lesson 1: My Comforter
Kids need to know that God's Spirit dwells in them, secures their salvation, and is available to help them live a victorious Christian life. How empowering it is to learn that we do not have to live the Christian life in our own power but that God, through His Spirit, gives us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness (2 Peter 1:3).

Lesson 2: My Teacher
Children spend a great deal of time being taught by parents, teachers, coaches, and others who are older or more experienced than they are. But the greatest teacher they have is God Himself, through His Spirit. Learning to be filled with the Holy Spirit is one of the more powerful and helpful skills that we can give to our kids. When they are motivated to trust and rely on the Holy Spirit throughout each day, their lives can be transformed.

Lesson 3: My Counselor
Kids make mistakes every day. They need constant guidance and encouragement, and adults are not always there to help. How reassuring it is to know that the best counselor is always there for them — the Holy Spirit. When kids learn that God invites them to walk alongside Him and to rely on the Holy Spirit every moment of every day for counsel and advice, they can experience a sense of confidence and courage that is truly supernatural.

Lesson 4: My Helper
Walking in the Spirit produces amazing results. God calls this the fruit of the spirit. Too often these results are taught as traits we are to work on as Christians. Nothing could be further from the truth. God produces the fruit of the spirit in kids' lives when they are walking in the Spirit. They are the fruit of the Spirit, not the fruit of kids' efforts to be good. This truth is both unnatural and freeing for children to learn. When they learn to allow God to work through them to produce good fruit, genuine change takes place that will last a lifetime.

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