EKG Radio: Staying Tuned In to God Curriculum

Have you ever been disconnected while talking on the phone? It can be so frustrating to be talking to someone when you suddenly get cut off. Did you know that God wants you to be connected with Him and the devil wants to cut off that connection? When you listen to the radio you have to tune in to the right station.

There are so many signals being transmitted all around us so we must make sure that we tune into God and not the things of this World. Some people tune into fame and popularity. Some people tune into money and riches. Some people just tune into things that please and satisfy themselves. If we stay tuned in and connected to God, He can speak to us and we will hear Him. This series will show us the ways that we can stay tuned in to God.

Includes: Countdown Video, Intro Video, Phraze Craze, Word Drop (Scripture verse), "Story Time With Earl" video, Sermon, Time Blaster Skit, Review Game.

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