River's Edge Imagination Factory: The Sound Lab Curriculum Download

Imagination Factory is a place where kids learn about Jesus by investigating His names. Inside the factory, there are four different “rooms” where kids will use their imagination as they learn: The Lab, The Gallery, Building Zone and The Junkyard. This unit takes place in the Lab, specifically The Sound Lab.

Inthe Sound Lab ,a four week unit in the 52 week curriculum series Imagination Factory, kids will pop, putter, crash, bang, kaboom and create all around fun noise while learning about four names of Jesus found in the Psalms. They will not only learn the meaning of the names but also how each name of Jesus applies to their own lives. Through the use of object lessons, games, sound experiments, Bible memory, crafts and of course, Bible stories, kids will have a deeper understanding of who Jesus is, what He came to do and the relationship He offers them.

Each Lesson Contains:Listening:

Investigating: Testing: Click here for a sample lesson.

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