Spooky Lessons of the Bible 4-Week Curriculum

As our culture's obsession with Halloween continues to grow with each passing year, it is time to equip our kids with the knowledge to face their fears and understand that Jesus has conquered death. Halloween provides our culture with a way of making light of death. We laugh at death. We mock it. We decorate with skeletons and ghosts, and we put on costumes and go door to door asking for candy. But after it is all said and done questions about death go unanswered. And quiet nagging questions remain... "What will happen to me after I die?"

This unit is an opportunity to give kids the Answer. Jesus conquered Death. Death is NOT the end! And there is life after death! We owe it to our children to stand up to Halloween and teach our kids that there is an alternative to mocking the fear of death. Instead, we can teach them that we know a Savior who faced death and destroyed it and can raise us up too!

This fun unit has fun with the theme of things that are 'spooky' � but at the same time, takes a serious biblical look at how Jesus looked death in the face and brought joy into situations that once had fear and sorrow. It will help kids trust Jesus in times of sadness or anxiety. Rather than dread this season or wince until it is over � this year, you can tap into the 'spooky' fun that kids enjoy while teaching them some powerful lessons that will last a lifetime, indeed, for an eternity!

Curriculum Sample:

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