DiscipleTown Kids Church Unit #17: How to Be a Global Christian

About DiscipleTown
DiscipleTown uses a creative and adaptable town theme to teach practical "Disciple Skills." It is published by the creators of DiscipleLand, the most comprehensive children's Bible curriculum on the market. DiscipleTown teaches DiscipleSkills -— practical skills that every follower of Jesus Christ must develop in order to grow and live victoriously. The children's church format compliments DiscipleLand and/or your other ministries to kids. Learn more about DiscipleLand's Bible Curriculum at DiscipleLand.com.

Rather than providing a rigid plan to follow, you can quickly and easily modify DiscipleTown to fit your ministry needs. There is more than enough material for a full length service, but you can also choose only the elements you'd like to use. By design, DiscipleTown is packed with ideas so you'll never be left needing to supplement the lesson, but its flexibility allows you to add your own unique teaching elements.

Unit Summary
Christians must expand their horizons and embrace God's heart for people all over the world. By broadening kids' perspectives to see beyond their local church and community, this unit will enable your children to grasp God's great plan and to participate in His Great Commission. First, children need to see that God has a plan for every person to know His Son, Jesus. Next, they need to understand the good news that Jesus came to bring salvation to every person — everywhere — so they will be able to share it. Then, they must understand that God uses His Church to spread His Good News around the world. Finally, they need to be challenged to have "beautiful feet" by sharing God's wonderful message. This unit will both equip and challenge kids to be global Christians — now and when they grow up!

Lesson Summaries
Lesson 1: Discover God's Plan
God wants the whole world to learn about His Son, Jesus. Unfortunately, there are many different countries in the world, and many people have never heard of Jesus or what He did for them. In this lesson, children will learn about five major belief systems, what their adherents believe, and why it is so important that Christians go tell them the good news about Jesus.

Lesson 2: Share God's Message
Being a global Christian means being prepared to share God's Good News with those we know and meet each day. As Christians, we become God's ambassadors of hope to a lost world. God has no "Plan B" to reach this world; we are His plan to reach the world with His message of redemption. It is important for kids and adults to know and share the Good News every chance they get! This lesson equips kids to do just that. Kids will learn that there are several roles people play in God's plan to reach the world and will start to think about where they fit into God's strategy to reach the lost.

Lesson 3: Support God's Church
Being a global Christian means that we are involved in God's Church. Kids who want to reach the world don't have to go far; they can start by letting God use their time, talent, and treasure right where they are. When they are faithful with little, God knows they will be faithful with much! We begin by being missionaries to those living around us and supporting those who are on the foreign mission field long before we go ourselves. This lesson will get kids excited about serving God now, right where they are.

Lesson 4: Answer God's Call
Every Christian is called to be an ambassador for Christ; we represent God to a fallen and sinful world. Whether that means traveling around the world or just representing Christ in our own neighborhood, we are called to be a light for Jesus until He comes again. This lesson will challenge children to think about what God may be calling them to do for Him with their lives — both now and when they grow up.

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