VBS Follow Up Kit

List of Templates:

Sample of One Month after VBS-Back to School Letter
Dear Parents,

One month has passed since the end of VBS. So much has happened since then. School is about to begin. The weather is hinting at a change in the seasons. And the church is preparing to roll out exciting new programming, designed to help you and your children ease into the rigors of a new academic year.

We are here to help! We often hear people stress the importance of education. We agree! It is valuable to learn to read and write, to develop physical fitness through exercise and sports, and to perform mathematical equations, conduct scientific experiments, and explore research into recent and ancient history. All of these endeavors contribute to developing rounded individuals. However, we feel something is often missing. Well-meaning parents will seek to provide the best in mental, physical, and social development and overlook their child’s spiritual development – the one area that can provide stability and strength in all the other areas when the going gets tough. This is one area where we seek to provide top-flight experiences for your children.

You may have heard about how “FUN” Vacation Bible School was. Yes, we had fun. But don’t let the fun fool you; kids at church are learning valuable lessons that will guide them through life. While we try not to add to their daily academic burden, we do challenge kids to read the Bible, to interpret their daily experiences and the world around them in light of what the Bible says, and to gain courage to make decisions based on this fully orbed approach.

Studies have shown that kids who are regular in church get better grades, have fewer social problems, and are more stable and successful. Why? Perhaps it is simply because they have the most well-rounded education of all.

Want to learn more? Check out our website, or better yet, call or visit us on campus soon. We can’t wait to speak with you and your children!


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