River's Edge Scrooged Kids Church Curriculum Download

Christmas can have a way of bringing out selfishness and materialism in children. Suddenly with the onslaught of commercials peddling all kinds of toys that kids must have, kids develop a longing for products that often times they did not even know existed before the commercial aired. Long lists are created for Santa or mom and dad. Dreams start revolving around the Christmas tree and what gifts might be cluttered below. Commercialism has truly turned Christmas into a barrage to our senses that leaves us exhausted and disappointed.

This Christmas give the kids a Biblical perspective on what this commercialism has done to the real Christmas Spirit. Kids will consider the way they have celebrated Christmas in the past, what their present Christmas looks like and what their future Christmas could be. Just as Ebenezer Scrooge was visited by the three ghosts in the classic "A Christmas Carol," kids will be visited each of the three weeks of the series with a challenge to examine and change their lives.

Each lesson contains: