DiscipleTown Kids Church Unit #15: How to Show Respect

About DiscipleTown
DiscipleTown uses a creative and adaptable town theme to teach practical "Disciple Skills." It is published by the creators of DiscipleLand, the most comprehensive children's Bible curriculum on the market. DiscipleTown teaches DiscipleSkills -— practical skills that every follower of Jesus Christ must develop in order to grow and live victoriously. The children's church format compliments DiscipleLand and/or your other ministries to kids. Learn more about DiscipleLand's Bible Curriculum at DiscipleLand.com.

Rather than providing a rigid plan to follow, you can quickly and easily modify DiscipleTown to fit your ministry needs. There is more than enough material for a full length service, but you can also choose only the elements you'd like to use. By design, DiscipleTown is packed with ideas so you'll never be left needing to supplement the lesson, but its flexibility allows you to add your own unique teaching elements.

Unit Summary
People often say: "Kids today have no respect." But what is respect and where does it come from? We are quick to teach children to respect adults, but biblical respect begins with respecting God, respecting ourselves — who God made us to be — and then, based on that foundation, respecting others. Everyone wants respect, but giving it doesn't come naturally. The good news is that teaching kids respect is simple: to teach respect you must show respect. Writer James Baldwin observed, "Children have never been good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them." When children are respected, they are inclined to respect others. Jesus emphasized this concept in the Golden Rule — treat others the way you want them to treat you. If everyone consistently practiced this principle, the world would be a completely different place! In this unit, your children will learn basic skills to help them show respect to God, themselves, their families, and others. They will realize that respect begins as an attitude. If we develop a respectful attitude, respectful behavior will soon follow. We can help children become more respectful by helping them accept who God made them to be and by encouraging them to improve their attitudes toward other people.

Lesson Summaries
Lesson 1: Godly Respect
Respect begins with our attitude. This lesson will help children understand that if you want people to respect you, you must respect them. Respect comes from seeing others the way God sees them. When we understand that God loves all people, we want to love and serve others, which is at the core of respect. People will feel honored, and, in turn, respond with respect toward us. Respect will no longer be something we need to ask for; it will become something that we have earned and deserve. Children can actually be an example to believers in respect, as Paul challenged Timothy to be.

Lesson 2: Personal Respect
Sometimes children struggle to show respect because they have a low opinion of themselves. This lesson will help kids understand that God has a high opinion of them because He made them unique for a special purpose. Suddenly it will become easier to respect others because they see that God values everyone. This lesson will help kids grasp that God made them for the special role He has for them and that they can respect others even when it is difficult because they see others from a higher perspective.

Lesson 3: Family Respect
Home is where genuine respect is modeled and on display. We can't pretend at home. How we treat our family is the real test of our character, so it is important that we learn to honor our parents and respect our siblings. If we can get along with our family, we can get along with anyone. Friends come and go, but our family relationships will be with us our whole lives. How we treat family members is the real test of our respect. Helping kids show respect within the family will help them in all their relationships.

Lesson 4: Public Respect
Children don't often think about their reputation, but it is critical that they begin while they are young. Luke 2:52 talks about how Jesus, as a boy, began to grow in favor with God and man. Learning to show respect to family, friends, and in all relationships will have an impact that lasts for years to come. This lesson will help children begin to think beyond the present and realize that the choices they are making now will have an impact on their future.

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