DiscipleTown Kids Church Unit #14: How to Navigate the Old Testament

About DiscipleTown
DiscipleTown uses a creative and adaptable town theme to teach practical "Disciple Skills." It is published by the creators of DiscipleLand, the most comprehensive children's Bible curriculum on the market. DiscipleTown teaches DiscipleSkills -— practical skills that every follower of Jesus Christ must develop in order to grow and live victoriously. The children's church format compliments DiscipleLand and/or your other ministries to kids. Learn more about DiscipleLand's Bible Curriculum at DiscipleLand.com.

Rather than providing a rigid plan to follow, you can quickly and easily modify DiscipleTown to fit your ministry needs. There is more than enough material for a full length service, but you can also choose only the elements you'd like to use. By design, DiscipleTown is packed with ideas so you'll never be left needing to supplement the lesson, but its flexibility allows you to add your own unique teaching elements.

Unit Summary
For 4,000 years, the Old Testament has molded Jewish civil, religious, social, and economic life. Never has one book so greatly influenced the way of life of an entire nation! Few children today, however, can relate to OT customs that appear to be outdated and irrelevant. This is your opportunity to open their eyes to the enduring significance of God's Word. During this unit, your kids will learn how the Old Testament fits together. You will show that all thirty-nine Old Testament books belong to these three groups: History, Poetry, and Prophecy; seventeen History books illumine the past, five Poetry books imprint the present, and seventeen Prophecy books inspire the future. The Old Testament may be an "old" book, but it has a new message for kids today! Bring this ancient manuscript to life for your students.

Lesson Summaries
Lesson 1: Respect God's Law
The Bible begins with the basic history of the world and of the Jewish people. These first five books of the Bible — known as the Pentateuch — provide not only the foundation for the Bible but for many cultures and for the legal system of the United States. The books, written by Moses, cover everything from the creation of the world to the establishment of the nation of Israel. But they are more than mere history. They demonstrate the beginning of God's Master Plan for the salvation of humanity after His prize creation chose to rebel.

Lesson 2: Trust God's Leadership
From Joshua to Esther you find books filled with stories of adventure and danger! In these books the people of God discover that when they follow and trust God, He does amazing things; when they go their own way, things don't go so well. There are powerful lessons to be learned from these true stories — lessons that apply to our lives today. As we watch the cycles of obedience and rebellion in the story of God's people, we can't help but see ourselves and our own need for a Savior who would one day come to bring salvation. We may know who the Savior is today, but in these stories He was still a promise they were awaiting.

Lesson 3: Discover God's Wisdom
People have always found creative ways to express their love for God as well as their struggles to understand His mysteries. In these books of poetry, proverbs, and songs, children are able to discover expressions of devotion and mystery about their God that have endured through the centuries. These timeless treasures can be a source for us even today to help us communicate our feelings and thoughts about God and to God when we worship and when we want guidance on how to live for God.

Lesson 4: Hear God's Voice
Prophecy has always been one of the most powerful and telling parts of Scripture. Through prophecy we can see that God is all-knowing and all-powerful. Prophecy shows us that God is in control and knows what is going to happen in the future. Because prophecies told in the past have come to pass, we can trust God in the future for prophecies yet to come true about the end times, especially those in the book of Revelation in the New Testament. Many others came true even in the Old Testament. Prophecy shows that God is in control and worthy of trusting with our lives.

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