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The Parables is an award-winning series of 6 short animated videos based on different parables from the Bible. Fantastic entertainment for children at home but also a brilliant teaching resource for churches and schools. Aimed at 6-12-year-olds (but is suitable for all ages), these videos are great for use within children’s church, youth groups, and small groups.

The Assistant: Join Brian, Vincent and Phil in this modern and quirky animated film based on the Parable of the Talents(Matthew 25:14-30). Their boss, Sir Barry needs a new assistant manager and to work out who should get the job it he sets Brian, Vincent and Phil a big challenge.

BONUS: Teaching Packet included with every video purchase. The Teaching Packet includes conversation starters, activity suggestions and more!

Within the video, The Assistant, is the phrase: "Excellent! The snotty tissue, fart in a bottle and the half filled Hoover bag all sold." If this phrase concerns you, you might not want to use this particular video with the curriculum.

Delivery of your Curriculum will be via a secure download link sent by e-mail shortly after purchase. Links expire 7 days after purchase.

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