River's Edge Faith Studios Jr. Preschool Curriculum Download

Lights. Camera. Action. Welcome to Faith Studios Jr. , a place where preschoolers learn about faith from the heroes of Hebrews 11. Join Director Stephen Speilword and his crew each week as they introduce the biblical point. Guess what is in the Prop Box, act out the screen play (Bible story), place a star on the Walk of Faith, experiment with Movie Science, talk during Circle Time, play Action Games, draw on Storyboards, find solutions in Role Playing, play with props in Costuming, eat yummy make-your-own Movie Treats, create a fun craft in Design Studios and take home a Faith Family Studios one page magazine with fun things to do at home.

Each lesson is written in a way in which the teacher can pick and choose activities that work best for the group.

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Lessons Include: