River's Edge Huzzah For The King Jr! Preschool Curriculum Download

Through a journey back in time to the Middle Ages, Huzzah for the King Jr! enables preschoolers to learn about godly character traits in a fun and creative environment. Each lesson, based on a proverb, uses a variety of methods to help the children understand and apply the weekly character trait. A New Testament story from Jesus' life gives the children a deeper understanding of the meanings behind the proverbs. Then through interactive, multi-sensory activities, children will learn how to start developing these characteristics in their lives.

Each lesson contains the following activities: Harry the Herald, Jorge the Jester, Bible Story, Circle Time, Prayer Time, The King’s Treasure, Snack, The King’s Challenge, Creative Play, Craft, Activity Page, and Take Home Papers.

Lessons include:

  1. Making Right Choices: Wisdom
  2. Giving With A Happy Spirit: Generosity
  3. Doing the Right Thing: Obedience
  4. Counting On Me: Trust
  5. Sticking Close: Loyalty
  6. Resisting Temptation: Self-control
  7. Being Considerate: Kindness
  8. Standing With Open Arms: Love
  9. Living With Joy: Cheerfulness
  10. Waiting Without Complaining: Patience
  11. Doing and Telling the Truth: Honesty
  12. Knowing My Weaknesses: Humility

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