Hark from the Herald Christmas Play


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Frequently Asked Questions

How many speaking parts are there?

There are 11 basic speaking parts (Hark, Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Wipplestowski, Wooly the Shepherd Boy, Three Wise Men, Innkeeper, Mary and Joseph, and the Angel Gabriel.) PLUS there are other parts that can have as many as you wish ranging from newspaper office staff, angels, shepherds and manger animals.

How many kids does the play require?

Hark is a very flexible play. You can use as few as 20 or as many children as you want. In addition to the main speaking parts, there are several way to add extra kids. The poem included in the play, "Why Christmas?", can be recited by one person, or each verse by a different child (There are 10 verses total).

How long is the play?

Hark runs about 45 minutes in length, however you can adjust the duration to your needs by determining how many of the songs you sing and how many verses of each are included.

Is it a play or a musical?

Hark is more a play than a musical since the story is not told directly through song, as in a musical, however, traditional Christmas carols are sung throughout the play. You can add any songs you want, but only non-copyrighted songs could be included for selling with the play. You could also perform the play with no songs, though the music helps keep the congregation involved and allow time for scene changes.

Is there a part for little kids?

YES! When a carol such as "Away in a Manger" is sung, you can have a class of little kids come at and sing it. Several of the songs can be sung by different groups, or the congregation can sing them.

Cast of Characters

Additional Positions
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