Kidology's <i>Don't Wake The Mummy</i> PowerPoint Game
Kidology's Don't Wake The Mummy PowerPoint Game

This is a FUN game for helping kids to discover an important lesson phrase. The cost is only $5 (no shipping). YES, you can customize and even make your own playing screens. FULL DETAILS are included.

DESCRIPTION: This game was written to be used for a unit on the life of Joseph, however, it can be used any time you want to allow children to discover an important lesson phrase in a fun manner. The game allows kids have fun while focusing over and over on the phrase you want to emphasize.

Two to four kids are chosen from the audience to play. Kids in the audience should choose someone they think will win. (This keeps them engaged) The game basically is a jazzed up fill in the blank game or ‘hang man’ where the kids get ‘hints’ instead of guessing letters themselves. (which takes tooooo long!)

Power Point, Computer, ability to project either to a television or screen. Because equipment varies so much and we are not ‘on location’ Kidology can not provide technical support for power point games, you need to find someone at your church who is familiar with the equipment and Power Point. Thanks!

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