KICKRiCKulum <i>The Beatitudes</i> Kids' Church Curriculum (Elementary Download)
KICKRiCKulum The Beatitudes Kids' Church Curriculum (Elementary Download)

Elementary Friendly

Contains 12 lessons adapted for the learning level of elementary (1st through 6th grade) children. Each lesson uses readily available hands-on material and teacher dialogue leading up to the scripture text. Scripture texts come alive with easy to follow visible object lessons. Other features include PowerPoints, lesson reinforcing breakout activities, and interplay between teacher, student and special characters. Children stay captivated and involved. No extensive staging or props are necessary. Written for new or experienced teachers, this curriculum has a creative approach that can be used whether taught alone or with classroom helpers.

Take a look at these lesson titles. Each lesson is full of visual and hands on learning to provide deeper understanding into Jesus' method of teaching.

Elementary Lessons

  1. Blessed Attitudes: Right attitudes
  2. All Empty Inside: Less of you, More of God
  3. Joy Comes In The Mourning: Repentance
  4. Meekness Does Not Equal Weakness: Power under control
  5. The Raving Craving: Hungry for God
  6. An "Act" Of Mercy: Showing mercy to others
  7. It's Time To Go Inside: Having a pure heart
  8. A Piece Of The Peace: Pursuing peace
  9. Two Righteous, Man!: Making a stand
  10. Sweet Persecution: Wronged for right living
  11. A"salted" With Light: Influencing our world
  12. Let These Be Your Attitudes: Review
PDFDownload The Raving Craving (Elementary Sample)
(PDF, 96k)

Download Lesson 1 PowerPoint

Lesson Components - Do some or do them all! (based on skateboard terminology)

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