Kidology's <i>Don't Monkey Around</i> PowerPoint Game
Kidology's Don't Monkey Around PowerPoint Game

This is a FUN game for helping kids to discover an important lesson phrase. The cost is only $5 (no shipping). YES, you can customize and even make your own playing screens. FULL DETAILS are included.

DESCRIPTION: This game was written to be used for a lesson on initiative, however, it can be used any time you want to allow children to review an important lesson in a fun manner. The game allows kids to have fun while focusing over and over on review questions you want to emphasize.

Split the kids into two equal teams. We have found that boys against girls works good. Ask a review question from your lesson. Whoever answers correctly gets to come forward and pick an apple. Some apples have points in them and others have worms. Points are earned for each team when an apple is selected with a number behind it. The child can select up to 3 apples unless he finds a worm, in which case all the points earned on that turn are lost and his turn ends. You can stop at any time. Some kids will only pick one apple. The game is played until all the apples on the board have been selected.

Power Point, Computer, ability to project either to a television or screen. Because equipment varies so much and we are not ‘on location’, Kidology cannot provide technical support for power point games. Please find someone at your church who is familiar with the equipment and PowerPoint. Thanks!

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