KICKRICKulum <i>Tabernacle II Beyond the Veil</i> Elementary Kids' Church Curriculum (Elementary Download)
KICKRICKulum Tabernacle II Beyond the Veil Elementary Kids' Church Curriculum (Elementary Download)

Each KICKit contains the following:

Check out these 6 lesson titles. Each one is packed full of visual and hands on learning to encourage children to pursue a life of unbroken fellowship with God! PowerPoint Presentations now included for each lesson!

Table O’ Lessons
  1. Let it Shine!
    (Lamp stand)- Jesus is the light
  2. No Matter How You Slice It
    (Table of Shewbread) - Provision
  3. That’s Sweet!
    (Altar of Incense) - Prayer
  4. Caught In The Middle
    (The High Priest) Jesus is our High Priest
  5. A-Veil-able Now!
    (Holy of Holies) Mercy in God’s presence
  6. GPS
    (The cloud and pillar of fire) Being Spirit led
PDFDownload That's Sweet!
(PDF, 673KB)

PowerPointDownload Lesson 3 PowerPoint
(PPT, 644KB)

What’s Included:

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