KickRickulum Names of God 1 Curriculum Download

This download is Packed Out! It contains PowerPoints and lessons in both Word format and PDF. Bible Object lessons and other visuals are used throughout the lessons. Other features include PowerPoints, lesson reinforcing breakout activities, games and small groups. Introduction skits and quick skits between the teacher, students and special characters are both effective and entertaining. Children stay captivated and involved through each of the lesson components.

Included with this download are the following Packs:

Take a look at these Lesson titles:
  1. You Name it!
    Whatís in a name? (intro.)
  2. I made it first!
    Elohim - The Supreme Creator
  3. Oh Yes... I Am!
    Jehovah - Self sufficient and Unchanging
  4. Peace out... and In!
    Shalom - God is peace
  5. Name Game Review
Each lesson is full of visual and hands on learning to provide deeper understanding into God's Word.

Lesson Components - Do some or do them all!
(based on skateboard terminology)Plus as part of the Packed Out version you will receive the following additional lesson component Packs (see sample lesson for details)Check out these samples:

Names of God Lesson 4 PowerPoint

Names of God Lesson 4 Sample

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