KidzBlitz <i>Shapin' Up</i> Fitness Camp
KidzBlitz Shapin' Up Fitness Camp

Fitness Camp will help you address one of the biggest challenges facing our kids today: wellness in mind and body. Fitness Camp is a DVD driven curriculum that helps raise kids' awareness about their responsibility in their own health. It teaches them how nutrition and fitness help them fulfill God's purpose for their lives.

Fitness Camp is designed for kids who have completed first through sixth grade. The material emphasizes nutrition and physical activity choices, not weight control or having a particular body size or shape. Nothing Else Like It

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Facts About Kids' Health Today... Daily Schedule
Fitness Camp is flexible. Your camp schedule can go for a half day (allow about 2.5 hours), or all day with the optional activities. You can go 5 days in a row or one day a week. Daily Fitness Challenge
Kids exercise along with daily fitness DVDs: DAY 1
We Were Created for a Purpose
Bible Challenge:Back to the Garden
God designed us to serve Him
Health Challenge: Climbin' the Food Pyramid
Our daily nutritional needs

You Are What You Eat
Bible Challenge: Our bodies belong to God
Our bodies are the temple of God
Health Challenge: What Goes In Comes Out
Nutrition in the foods we eat DAY 3
Self-Control is Saying Whoa
Bible Challenge: Daniel Just Said Whoa
Self-control shows God controls our lives
Health Challenge: Go Foods, Whoa Foods
Healthy food choices DAY 4
Making Wise Choices
Bible Challenge: Waste Not, Want Not
Make choices based on God's desires
Health Challenge: Don't Be Down
How our bodies work DAY 5
Don't be Duped
Bible Challenge: Tricks of the Traitor
Be wise to Satan's deceit
Health Challenge: Dream Destroyers
Dangers of substance use

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