Animated Kids Bible <i>Genesis (Full Set)</i> Interactive Bible Lessons 1-18
Animated Kids Bible Genesis (Full Set) Interactive Bible Lessons 1-18

Animated Kids Bible Interactive Curriculum
Lessons 1-18 (Full Set)

Each lesson includes:

Detailed Description:

The Animated Kid's Bible presents a visually exciting and action packed re-telling of Bible stories. Following each story is a Video Lesson which reinforces the main idea to make sure your kids understood the message underneath it all.

Each DVD in the series contains excerpts from each Bible story, followed by in-depth explanations, quizzes and songs. Each one has a music video with scenes from the story, and a preview of what's to come.

You can also use the printable lesson plans that come with each volume. These lessons have activities and discussions ready-to-print, so you can have an interactive Bible study with your kids.

In each set of the series, you will find:The whole series has 6 episodes, from the very beginning of time, all the way down to the story of Joseph.

Episode One - Creation
This is the very first story in the world. God creates all of the earth, the seas, the plants and the animals. He saves the best for life - Man, a being made in his own image.

This episode includes the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and their temptation by the serpent. Finally, we get the murder tale of Cain and Abel. Each of these stories is packed with important lessons.

Episode Two - Voyage Of The Ark
This is a very famous story from the Bible. Everyone knows it, but few have ever actually seen the flood waters rise right before their very eyes!

Noah is a faithful man who is chosen by God to save his family from the great flood. God has decided to destroy the earth and start over. Here your kids will learn about the Arks construction, the floods that covered the earth, and the relation of Noah's sons to the people of the world today.

Episode Three - Towering Pride And True Lies
See the building of the Tower of Babel, and the splitting of the world into the many languages. This video lesson shows your kids why God destroyed the tower, and what it means for all of us.

Here we also meet the Bible hero Abraham. Through Abraham's trials and tribulations we learn many important lessons about God's plans for everyone.

Episode Four - Rain Of Fire
This is what God does when the people of earth displease him - balls of fire shooting out of the sky and smashing the city of Sodom to bits! It's all presented here in its fiery glory. Your kids will learn why the city is destroyed, and what can be learned by Abraham's belief in God's Word.

Episode Five - Brother At War
This episode follows the children of Abraham. Your kids will learn how they fit into the modern world. The central story here is that of Jacob and Esau, two quarreling brothers. It is an important lesson in sibling rivalry.

Episode Six - Joseph The Dream Reader
Joseph is a unique boy that God has blessed with a gift to interpret dreams. His life is full of great adventures, and important lessons from God. He is sold into slavery in Egypt by his jealous brothers, and there his troubles are only just beginning.

The Animated Kid's Bible Video Lessons are essential for teaching your kids about the Bible. The animation is incredible, the Bible characters are realistic, and the lessons are guaranteed to drive the point home.

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