Animated Kids Bible Genesis: Towering Pride and True Lies Interactive Lessons 7-9

Animated Kids Bible
Genesis: Towering Pride and True Lies
Interactive Bible Lessons 7-9

Each lesson includes:

Detailed Description:

This set has three of the Bible's most important stories, the Tower of Babel, God's challenge to Abram, and the story of Abram and Lot. Your kids will love these stories, and the built-in lessons will help them understand what they've seen.

In disc one, we see the building of the Tower of Babel, from the first idea to its completion - and its destruction! The Tower of Babel is an important lesson about the folly of man's pride, and this animated story with its great visuals and realistic characters will really drive the point home for your kids.

The Fact File shows how the Tower was built, along with easy explanations to help your kids fully understand the story. It is important for this story's lesson to sink in, and the DVD is designed to get your kids thinking about it, not just watching it.

In the second disc, we see the life of Abram. Abram was chosen by God to lead the people, and his story is told with striking visual animation. Your kids will see the trials and tribulations of Abram, and how his faith in the Lord saved him and his people. The story of Abram is tough for kids to understand, and disc two's Fact File breaks it down so they can understand.

The third disc is the story of Abram and Lot. The Fact File shows you all the places they traveled, so that the kids can see how far it was. It also helps bring the story alive, showing the kids that these places in the Bible are still there today.

These DVDs are loaded with fun, interactive features. Each one has a test for the kids to see if they really got it. It's not a dull Sunday School test, but a visually stimulating and fun way to quiz themselves. The DVDs also contain songs for your kids to learn that sing the praises of the Lord.

The fourth disc of the set has lesson plans so that you can do activities at home. These activities are fun, but they also get the kids to think about the stories and what they mean.

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