Minister2Kids' Talks for Students Lessons CD

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Series Titles:

  1. Against All Odds
    (Daniel, David & Goliath)
  2. Be
    (Be Ready, Be Right, Be Useful)
  3. Blueprint for Life
    (Loving Others, Build Strong Walls, Holy Spirit)
  4. Case for Christ
    (Is Jesus enough? Is the Bible enough?)
  5. Catch the Wave
    (Self Evaluation, Good Life With God)
  6. Clues for Life
    (Honesty, True Friends)
  7. Family Reunion
    (Committed to Each Other, Love & Unity)
  8. Fear Factor
    (Fear of the Unknown, Not Fitting In)
  9. Get a Grip
    (On Your Lip, On Your Life)
  10. Home Matters
    (A Close Look At Ourself, Getting Along With Brothers and Sisters, Getting Along With Your Parents)
  11. March Madness
    (Enough is Enough, Love the Unlovely, Love Your Enemies)
  12. Momentum
    (Intro, Blindsided by the Cross, Blitz to the Chosen, Oustretched, Whirlwind of Change)
  13. New and Improved
    (Gideon, Moses)
  14. Signs for Life
    (Follow God, God Sets Limits)
  15. Stand Up
    (For The Truth, For Each Other, For Jesus)
  16. The Lost World
    (Conquering The Jungle, Surviving The Jungle)
  17. This is Your Time
    (Because of Sin We Need God, Make a Change For God)
  18. True Love
    (What is it?, Guy and Girl Nights, Waits)
  19. Under Construction
    (Getting Along With Parents, Making Things Right, Tensions and Arguments)
  20. Volunteer Talks and Trainings
    (Getting to the Heart of Ministry, Recruiting, Training, Caring For Leaders, Spiritual Gifts Assessment, The Importance of Volunteers, Volunteer Appreciation Talk)
  21. What Would Jesus Do
    (About Cheating, About Speech)
Some Other Lessons Included in Talks for Students:

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