One Way Street <i>Righteous Pop Music CD Volume 8</i>
One Way Street Righteous Pop Music CD Volume 8

The following lists the titles from the CD along with the familiar tune:

  1. Whole Lotta Praisin' Goin' On
    Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
  2. (God Loves) Everyday People
    Everyday People
  3. How Sweet It Is
    How Sweet It Is to Be Loved By You
  4. What I Like About God
    What I Like About You
  5. Salvation
  6. You Don't Mess Around With Sin
    You Don't Mess Around With Jim
  7. Manic Sunday
    Manic Monday
  8. Standing on the Rock
    At the Hop
  9. Time After Time
    Time After Time
  10. Sweet Home Up To Heaven
    Sweet Home Alabama

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