River's Edge Kamp Kaboom! Kids Church/VBS Curriculum

God said it - KABOOM! ...it was. Sizzle, pop and explode your way through the days of creation using interactive, high-impact science experiments, wild and wacky games, and relevant biblical applications. Through hands-on activities that draw on children's innate curiosity about science, Kamp Kaboom! from River's Edge Curriculum teaches children not only about the seven days of creation, but also about what creation reveals about God. As they learn more about Him through His creation, children have the opportunity to enter into a deeper relationship with Him.

The main lesson is one hour. With the addition of optional rotation labs, each lesson takes approximately four hours. If you choose to do everything suggested, your class time will last even longer!

The curriculum book includes a resource CD with the entire book in Adobe format, as well as over 100 science experiments and activities. It can be used in various ways: weekly children's church, camps, outreach, and VBS. Also included is a PowerPoint presentation to complement each lesson.

Lessons include:

  1. Light: God sent Jesus to drive away the darkness of sin
  2. Atmosphere: God protects us
  3. Water, Land & Plants: We need to grow deeper
  4. Sun, Moon & Stars: God wants us to glorify Him
  5. Birds & Fish: God knows every detail of our lives
  6. Animals: God is glorified by His creation
  7. Man: God created you with a purpose
  8. Rest: God wants us to rest
PDFDownload Lesson 1 Sample
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