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Leading Kids to Christ

Welcome to the tenth episode of Kidmin Talk, the webcast show hosted by Karl Bastian, the Kidologist. Listen here on Kidology or subscribe via iTunes to listen on-the-go with your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or other mobile device.

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ABC's of KIDOLOGY: The Letter "G" = Gospel

Download a PDF my workshop: Leading Kids to Christ (PDF 4.2 MB) for complete notes.
(Note: These notes provided for your personal use, not for publication in any form. Trainers are welcome to request a PowerPoint version that Karl will allow you to use with permission.)

Seven Steps to the Savior

1. Pray Your Way

2. Know the Kid

3. Present the Gospel

4. Look in the Book

5. Interview (Ask Key Questions)

6. Lead in a Prayer of Salvation

    Elements of the Prayer:

  • Admission of sin
  • Admission that we deserve to die for sin
  • Belief that Jesus a) is God b) died for us c) rose again
  • Ask for forgiveness and salvation
  • Express thanks for forgiveness
  • Express desire to live for God
  • Express love for God

7. Rejoice, Reivew, Reaffirm



KIDMIN WINNER! Our winners this week for guessin that the letter "G" stood for "Gospel" are Stephen Hicks, Scott Phillips, and Barney Kinard. I'll be mailing them several copies of DiscipleLand's My New Life Story and Awesome Adventure!

How it is time to guess what the Kidmin Keyword for the letter "H" should stand for in the nex show! YOU could be a winner next!

WANT TO BE A WINNER? Submit your guess or suggestion for next week's Kidmin Talk Key Word for the letter "H" - by E-mail, Forum, or Twitter.

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