Kidmin Talk #165 - December 27th, 2021


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When God Gets Distracted

Welcome to the 165th episode of Kidmin Talk, the webcast show hosted by Karl Bastian, the Kidologist. Listen here on Kidology or subscribe via iTunes to listen on the go with your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or other mobile devices.

FEATURED RESOURCE: Kidology Ministry Management Series

DESCRIPTION: Part 2 of a 3-Part Year-End Special where Pastor Karl breaks out the ol' cassette tape sermons from over 25 years ago! Today's message from 1997 is as relevant today as the day he first delivered it on a Sunday night in the inner city of Chicago. So often in life or ministry, we see God blessing those around us and wonder if He has overlooked us and forgotten our needs and prayer requests. Does God ever get distracted and forget the promises He made to us? Or could He be up to something we just can't see? It's a message that will encourage and give you hope if you are secretly wondering if God hasn't gotten a little distracted.

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