Thank you so very much for an incredible website. It is so easy to use and has wonderful information. I am thanking God right this minute for His work in your life and how He is using you to minister to children; not only the children in your immediate presence but even to children on the other side of the globe.
- Laura in Okinawa, Japan
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About the Kidology Garage Sale

Garage Sale  
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What is the Kidology Garage Sale?
The Kidology Garage Sale is an easy way for you to sell used children's ministry items. From curriculum to puppets, it's the safe and simple way to share resources with others that need them... while making a little money for items you no longer use! (Anything that can add to your children's ministry budget helps, right?)

Who can use it?
Anyone can buy an item from the Kidology Garage Sale, as long as items are shipped to an address within the continental United States. As a special bonus, Kidology Premium Members always receive a discounted price when shopping! Plus, all items are listed with FREE SHIPPING to the continental United States.

To sell an item via the Kidology Garage Sale, you'll need to have a Kidology Premium Membership.

How does it work?
So, you want to sell your stuff? Great! Simply complete the product information page, complete with a title, description, photo, and price you want to charge (Minimum Price: $10). If you have multiple copies of an item, you can even let us know your quantity. Then make sure your contact information is correct (otherwise, we can't pay you!) and submit your item for approval. Upon approval (within 2-4 business days), your item will be available for the world to see. Once it sells, you'll be paid by Kidology directly. It's as painfree as that!

What can be sold in the Kidology Garage Sale?
You can resell a wide range of children's ministry-related products in the Kidology Garage Sale, including curriculum, puppets, CDs, DVDs, books, magic tricks, object lesson toys, as well as other similar items. Each product is individually approved for resale by Kidology Staff. If a product does not fit into the "spirit" of the Garage Sale, it will not be made available for purchase.

What will I be paid?
You can help support Kidology while turning your old teaching tools into cash! After you submit your list price, Kidology adds 30% to the final cost to the buyer, which helps to defer the ongoing costs of the website, including web hosting, credit card transactions, customer support, and the development of innovative new features. As an added benefit, we include a 5% discount for Kidology Premium Members who shop the Garage Sale. You as the seller will always receive the list price you submit.

Shipping and handling is included in the price you set, so make sure you keep that in mind as you determine how much you'd like to earn from your sale! Upon confirmation that your item has shipped to the buyer, payment will be mailed to you by the end of the following month via the address tied to your Kidology membership.

As you can see, everyone benefits from using the Kidology Garage Sale. You earn some extra cash by helping support Kidology and providing affordable items to others in ministry. (Additional terms and conditions may apply.)

Is it safe?
The Kidology Garage Sale is built on the solid, secure technology platform that has been used for years by the Kidology Store. Your personal information is protected via our secure server. Credit card information is encrypted, and all financial transactions are handled directly by Kidology. Only the information needed to complete the shipment of the order is shared between Buyer and Seller (such as mailing address).

Sellers must be Kidology Premium Members, which means we have confirmed contact information on file -- and each seller is additionally approved by Kidology before featuring products in the Kidology Garage Sale. Furthermore, Kidology Customer Support provides direct assistance to the buyer, handling any issues that may arise regarding your transaction.

Let's get started!
To begin adding your products to the Kidology Garage Sale, click on the Sell My Stuff link!

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