Kidology Booster Pack #1

Give Every Area of Your Ministry a Boost!

You're BUSY! These booster packs equip YOU, your leaders, and your parents, help you recruit, and even include something FUN for the kids!

Over $100 in value, but only

($29 in future months, without the BONUS content)

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FREE BOOSTER BONUS - Only if you get Booster Pack #1 during January 2019! Two Complete Worship Song Packs from JumpStart3! (Details below!)

1) Leadership Development Video

This is for YOU! Pastor Karl has filmed an extremely practical training video to help sharpen YOU as a leader. Each Booster Pack includes a video that will give you practical skills to make you better at what you do. These are not lofty leadership platitudes - these are management skills you can put into practice right away!

This months video is titled: Personal Management

As you start out the New Year, Karl shares some of his secrets to getting organized and getting the right things done each week so that you have the most productive year yet!

2) Volunteer Training Video

This is for your volunteers! Ongoing training is critical to a growing ministry. Every Booster Pack includes a video you can send to your leaders to equip and encourage them as they serve your children. Your download includes a couple delivery options: an .MP4 file that you can show your leaders directly, or password protected access to a Vimeo Video that you can send out to your volunteers to watch online.
Permission is granted to upload the video to Facebook only if you have a closed group that can only be accessed by your volunteers. The video may not be uploaded to YouTube due to copyright restrictions.

This months video is titled: Four Keys to a Nurturing Nursery


This months video includes a BONUS POSTER you can display in your Nursery to help remind your volunteers of the Four Keys to a Nurturing Nursery that are covered in the video: Safe, Clean, Friendly, and Purposeful.

Soon to be in our Store for $20 BUT INCLUDED in Kidology Booster Pack #1 for $19

3) Recruiting Tool!

Recruiting is a never ending job! That's why it's important to be fresh and original in how we approach prospective volunteers. The invitation to serve children must be creative and positive, but consistent! That's why Kidology is going to provide a fun NEW way to invite people to serve in the children's ministry every single month!

This month we invite people to knock off over a dozen resolutions with only ONE THING: Volunteering in the Kids Ministry! It's a simple fun flyer to send home with every parent that will get them thinking and see some of the benefits of serving in the children's ministry. Just add your own logo and contact information!

Graphic is provided in both a Printable PDF as well as JPG and PNG. (Note: rockets added to the image here to protect the image. Purchase required to use the image.) 

Soon to be in our Store for $10 BUT INCLUDED in Kidology Booster Pack #1 for $19

4) Family Table Talker!

Help your families connect with each other and God's Word during the week! The concept is simple! Families place these on the dinner table to provide simple, fun suggestions for ways familles can connect with each other around the table. It's time to turn the tech off - play some games, have some meaningful conversations, read God's Word, and complete some family challenges! Your families are going to LOVE these Table Talkers!

The Theme of January is: STARTING OVER!

Every month's Family Table Talker includes a theme, a motto for the month, a victory verse, some goofy games, live chat discussion starters, a family challege and more!

Learn more at

Soon to be in our Store for $10 BUT INCLUDED in Kidology Booster Pack #1 for $19

5) NEW! Toybox Tales Countdown Video for your kids!

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Before YouTube even existed, Pastor Karl was uploading videos to the Internet to tell Bible stories to kids using toys. It became the phenomenon known as Toybox Tales and grew into a website and DVD collection that has been loved by countless children! The #1 question Karl gets is, "When are you going to start doing Toybox Tales again?" Well, the time is now!

Introducing Toybox Tales CRAZY COUNTDOWN! No need to fit them into your lesson; you can use them every week! These wacky countdowns feature Karl's silly humor, use toys from the world of kids, and include some Bible content to boot!

Soon to be in our Store for $20 BUT INCLUDED in Kidology Booster Pack #1 for $19


Have you figured out we like to GIVE AWAY FREE STUFF! Every Kidology Booster Pack will include something FREE from Kidology. This isn't a sample, but a REAL product from Kidology!

Because it will be something people actually buy from us, we can't promote what it is. But we can promise you it has real value and it will be something you can USE.

Sure, you might already have it, and we can't control that. If you do, bless a friend!

VALUE OVER $20.00 - for FREE! (This is REAL Value, as the Grab Bag is an item currently selling in our store!) ORDER NOW BEFORE WE COME TO OUR SENSES!


The SUPER BOOSTER BONUS this month comes from JUMPSTART3!

My friend Jeff McCullough at JumpStart3 makes the coolest scripture songs you have ever heard! Your kids will love the grooving music and you will love how they naturally learn word-for-word Bible verses just from singing songs.

Along with your Booster Pack this month, you will get two JumpStart3 songs completely FREE…No strings attached. This bonus comes with 6 versions of each song including motions tutorial video, lyric video and audio only. That’s a $30 value at no additional cost!

"Two of his best! Everyone needs to take advantage of this and other amazing JumpStart3 songs! I honestly haven’t found anything else out there that gets the Word of God into heads and hearts like this. It’s quick, easy, and effective." ~ Greg Dickinson

• Matthew 7:24-25 - “House On The Rock”
• James 1:22 - “Do What It Says”
• Motion Tutorial & Demonstration Videos
• Lyric Videos with with & without vocals
• Audio MP3 files with & without vocals

With JumpStart3 you will be teaching scripture verses, leading kids in worship, and filling their hearts with the Word of God. How cool is that!?!

Learn More at

ONLY AVAILABLE THIS MONTH in Kidology Booster Pack #1 for $19





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Important: Due to the nature of downloadable products, and the incredible savings on the downloads, there are no refunds on Booster Packs. Please read through the product descriptions carefully before you decide to purchase. And yes, if you lose your downloads, we'll always send you a fresh download link, even way into the future! As long as you can veryify your e-mail, we'll help you relaunch your boosters! We don't even require you to dig up a receipt. We like things easy too!

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