I received your book and just loved it. It reminded me of the first reason (other than God's call) I loved children's ministry. I'm challenged again. Thanks!
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Your Life Online

The Internet is no longer a novelty - it is a way of life and a means for getting life done. Help us better understand how YOU use the Internet and compare your answers with how others respond. But no worries, your responses are confidential.

1.) What is your home page?*
  Blank Page
RSS Reader
Your Site
2.) If you answered "Other" above, what is your home page?
3.) Check all of the following networking sites you use:
4.) If you answered "Other(s)" above, what other(s) networking site or sites do you use?
5.) IF you twitter, how often do you "tweet?"
  Many times a day
Several times a day
A few times a day
Once or twice a day
Maybe once a day
A few times a week
Once a week maybe
I can't remember when
I think I forgot my password
What are you people talking about?!?
6.) If you are willing to share it and are looking for followers, you may share you Twitter user name here. You can follow both Kidology and the site founder, Kidologist on Twitter.
7.) OK, Now you Facebook users, your turn. Share your thoughts on your use of Facebook, the largest and fastest growing social network that will probably kill off all the others in time. (Multiple answers allowed)
  Age: Under 25 (who is was supposed to be for!)
Age: Under 35
Age: Under 45
Age: Under 55
Age: Over 55
Use Facebook Many Time Daily
Use Facebook Once Daily
Use Facebook Many Times Weekly
Use Facebook Once Weekly
Still Swimming Upstream and Resisting It!
OK, fine, I signed up today
What is Facebook?
8.) How often to you participate in the Kidology.org forums? Did you know there are a wide variety of forums on various topics?*
  Never been to the forums yet
I'm one of those who read but don't post
I've posted a little but prefer to read mostly
I love the personal answers I get to the questions I post!!
I love having a place I can minister to others by answering!
I live in there, its like a CM hang out place!
My goal in life is to have a high post count than the Kidologist!
Did you know that the Kidology Forum provides you a way to ask anonymous questions about children's ministry? You can keep your forum ID something silly or generic so that you can ask tough questions and we have a team of veteran children's pastors, men and women, from a variety of denominations across the country who staff the forums every day to help answer questions and offer helpful advice. You won't find that level of personal service anywhere else. We are here to serve you!
9.) On a scale of 1 to 10, what percentage of your online time is spent on your computer? (As opposed to on a mobile device such as an iPhone or BlackBerry) Note: The sum of this question and the next should add up to 100.*
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
10.) On a scale of 1 to 10, if you use a mobile device, such as an iPhone or black berry, what percentage of your online time is spent on that device that once was spent on a traditional computer? Note: The sum of this question and the previous should add up to 100.
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
11.) E-mail has become a daily chore for nearly everyone. "It's like shoveling snow in a snow storm," I like to say. How does your email battle compare to others? Check all that apply.
  I don't use email
I'm able to answer all my email every day
I get more daily than can be dealt with, but by weeks end I'm caught up.
E-mail is a real struggle for me, Psalm 69 about sums it up!
My inbox currently has over 1000 messages in it.
Oh, yeah? Well, MY inbox has over 5000 in it!
I kinda wish they'd never invented email!
Forgive me for sticking in a little promotional item here, but I just can't help it because if you check out the Kidology Online Training Leadership Lab 05: Define, Refine and Shine, it includes a BONUS REPORT on "Slaying the E-mail Monster" that will just revolutionize the way you manage e-mail that honestly can change your life online. Just had to drop that in here. You'll be glad I did, if you check it out.
12.) Do you text message while driving?*

Your full name: *

E-mail address: *

* - Denotes a required answer

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