I am so grateful to the Kidology community, Here you don't know me and yet you hear my heart and are willing to pray for me and encourage me! Thank you to you all! I am so blessed by your words!
- Charlene H.
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Kidmin Talk #056 - June 18, 2013


Duration: 00:29:40

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Numbers Are Down, What To Do?!

Welcome to the fifty-sixth episode of Kidmin Talk, the webcast show hosted by Karl Bastian, the Kidologist. Listen here on Kidology or subscribe via iTunes to listen on-the-go with your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or other mobile device.

SPONSOR: This episode is sponsored by U-TURN Cards!





GROUP IDEAS for small gatherings:

  • Birthday Parties (everyone born this month)
  • Sack Lunch Sunday
  • Sport Stacking Clinic
  • Movie Nite
  • Picnic at Your House
  • Met Me at the Park!

ONE ON ONE IDEAS for deeper relationships and ministry

  • Discipleship
  • Happy Meal Outings
  • Pastor Play Dates
  • Family Movie Nites at Your House or Families


  • Coffee Get Togethers
  • Hit a Movie (men w/ men, women w/ women!)
  • Mini Golf
  • etc.

Jesus ministered to the masses, but He poured His life into a few.. and those few are who turned the world upside down and changed the world. It isn't your large events that will be your legacy, it is the relationships you invest in. Use the time when Big Events can succeed to pour into people!


Also mentioned on the show:

Getting to know someone:

Find out where they are F.R.O.M.

F - Family

R - Recreation

O - Occupation

M - Motivation

For kids use: F.I.S.H.

F - Family

I - Interests

S - School

H - Hobbies


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Earn extra chances to win by promoting @KidminTalk via Twitter! If I see you promote the show, I just might send you a prize! It's been done before already!


Bumper music by Rob Biagi Music available on Kidology! Booking info at RobBiagi.com

This week featured BONUS TRACK (at end) Y Not Today from Righteous Pop Music (Vol. 1) from CreativeMin.com


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